Top 15 Popular Pinterest WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

Nobody can deny the fact that Pinterest has taken the world by storm. In a very short time, this social platform has turned out to be a huge traffic source. This is the reason why any website owner can avoid integrating their website with this social media platform.

But, the question is- how to do that. Well, don’t worry; here we have compiled a list of 14 amazing plugins that will help you to integrate your WordPress website with Pinterest effectively. With these you could get your stuff pinned right from the images, posts, to the website itself.

Pinterest “Pin It” Button

This plugin gives you the power to display the ‘Pin It’ button anywhere on your website, and let users pin it on Pinterest.

Pretty Pinterest Pins

This widget, Pretty Pinterest Pins offer styling while pinning. This plugin can totally be personalized and you can specifically choose to showcase your collection from any specific source.

Pinterest Block

If you want to control what users on your WordPress website share on Pinterest, this is the right plugin for you. You can block pinning of any post or image by changing the setting.

Pinterest RSS Widget

Through this widget, just by using a short code, you can show the stuff from Pinterest page in your sidebars.

Pinterest Badge

In case you wish to earn more followers on Pinterest or want to show your visitors from where your website has been recently pinned on Pinterest, then this is the plugin you must immediately install.

Pin It On Pinterest

With this plugin, you can either choose to go with the default description, or chose to specify it while you pin an image.

Pinterest Image Pinner From Collective Bias

Here’s a plugin that works on jQuery and appears on the bottom right of each of your website’s image.

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

This is little more dynamic than any other pin-it button, and it appears only when a visitor hovers over the image. The URL and description are picked from your post while pinning.

WP Pinner

This plugin makes managing Pinterest effortless as it allows you to do that right from your WordPress dashboard. There are several exciting features that this plugin has to offer including the option to auto scheduling activity on Pinterest.

 Pinterest “Follow” Button

If you want to add a badge on your website, then this is the plugin for you. It works as a widget and asks your visitors to follow you on Pinterest. You can place it in your sidebars, or anywhere else for that matter.

 Pinterest Pinboard Widget

This highly functional plugin allows you to add a simple board in your sidebars, where you can show recently pinned images on your Pinterest page as thumbnails.

 Pinterest for Galleries

This plugin is only not functional in case of a third part gallery on WordPress. However in any case, it works just fine and displays a ‘Pin it’ button below every image.

Pinterest Image Pin

Pinterest Image Pin offers both; ‘Pin It’, and ‘Follow’ buttons. The pin it button is displayed under every image, while at the end of a post you will see the follow button.

Easy Pinterest

Do you want to show the recently pinned images from your Pinterest page? This widget, which is 300px wide allows you that.



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    Plug-in selection is very good, but not all blog niche can benefit much from Pinterest. Generally entertainment, travel and photography probably can get the most of Pinterest.

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