Top 25 WordPress Security Plugins to Safeguard your Blog

There are millions of people who use WordPress for their online business, which is really a smart idea. But they all need to ask themselves- how protected their business is? Indeed there are certain inbuilt security measures in WordPress, but they are actually not enough. So, if you own a WordPress website, you need to make a move, while there is still time, and get some plugins installed that can assure you the complete protection of your website. Here are 25 major plugins that will solve the purpose of enabling protection of your WordPress website.

 wordpress security plugin


BulletProof Security

This one is ranked as one of the most effective plugins to secure a WordPress website. It offers shield against RFI, SQL, Base64, Code Injection, and allows you to enable complete protection with just a click through .htaccess. Files that hold utmost importance like wp-config.php, php.ini, install.php are also given top notch security by this plugin.

Wp AntiVirus

It is an effective plugin that condemns every single non-authorized injection in your website, and immediately notifies you about the possible consequences associated to it. Since it is compatible with several languages, you can rest assured about using it without any mystification.


If you want to keep a backup of your database, repair or just simply want to optimize it, then go ahead and install it. This one does it all!

AskApache Password Protect

If you are using WordPress website as a blog, then this is something you must not miss on. It is a superb plugin that adds several levels of protections, without intersecting its way with the main files.

WordPress File Monitor Plus

This plugin keeps a close watch on all the major changes you bring on your WordPress website. It scrutinizes each time you install, change or delete any file, and immediately shoots you an email. Another advantage of this plugin is that it is absolutely free, and can be used on multiple websites.

Defensio Anti-Spam

Defension offers what you generally don’t get through plugins. It observes your behavior and adapts accordingly. In addition to that it does also provide other special features like lethal content detection, categorization of URLs, and lot more.

WP Security Scan

This plugin is more like a guiding light for you. Every time you install something, it monitors and suggests you actions through which total protection could be ensured.

WP htaccess Control

If you want to personalize .htaccess, then go ahead and install WP .htaccess Control. It provides a highly supportive interface for the task.


A plugin that without adding any extra burden to you website, offers security to your comment section! It does not run on JavScrip, nor does it require any cookie or session to function, yet manages to add formfield (which aren’t really visible) to your comment section.

Force Strong Passwords

If you have installed this plugin in your WordPress website, then every time you change/update your password, it will make you go for such a strong password that is not really easy to crack.


WP-Activity allows you to blacklist any IP, and in addition to that it also helps you keep an eye on the activity of registered users.

Limit Login Attempts

If you have ever wished to find a way through which, you can restrict the number of log-in attempts that can be made from one IP, then here is the solution for that. Just install this plugin and achieve that!

Better WP Security

This plugin actually offers the blend of various techniques of protecting your WordPress website.


Do backup of your blog and much more through this plugin.


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