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25 Great Node.js Tools, Tutorials, and Resources For Web Developers

This has become one of today’s most in-demand tools for web developers and programmers. It is written using Javascript code and is performed by a server. It utilizes a model that is event-driven and asynchronous. Internally, the Google JavaScript V8 type of engine is what is being used in order to generate the code with most of the modules coded using JavaScript. With the use of the HTTP as well as socket support, Node.js is able to perform what any web server does with the need for the use of any extra web server, like Apache.

One of the many advantages that one can get from using Node.js a wide range of modules and tools that it contains, which serve a lot of purpose for programmers and developers. In this article, you will be able to see the list of top Node.js, Tutorials, Resources and Tools for Developers. These resources, tools, and tutorials are designed to suit the needs of both beginners and professional developers alike. If you know of any good resources that are not included in this list, just feel free to leave a comment.

Node up and Running

JavaScript and Node Fundamentals

This book is an introduction to Node.js and discusses all of the application’s basic terms and principles. This framework has been coded using JavaScript. In this book, you will learn how the Node.js can make the lives of JavaScript programmers and developers easier. It also teaches its readers how to work using both front end & the back end side of the language.

JavaScript and Node Fundamentals

The Node Beginner Book


This is a short book containing 32 pages only. However, it is very comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics. It details all of the information that you may need to know in learning Node.js. It talks about primary syntax and even lists down of all of the many available resources on the subject, both online and offline.

Mastering Node.js

Mastering Node - Open Source Nodejs eBook

Node hackers have created this free e-book to answer the questions of the other node hackers. Although it has been found out that the book does not contain complete information on the topic, it is still the best read if you desire to learn the framework fast.

Node Cook Book

Node Cook Book

The Node Cookbook is a concise book that is designed to answer common questions regarding Node.js. It covers basic information and lessons on the topic, so this may just be the perfect one of newbie developers out there.

Node.js in Action

Node.js in Action

This book written by Mike Cantelon and Marc Harter is a tutorials-filled book that talks about learning this programming framework from start to finish. It critically guides its readers through learning all of the basic concepts and techniques on the successful creation of Nodes application.

Mixu’s Node Book

Mixu's Node book

The Mixu’s Node Book is a comprehensive book on learning Node.js. It is a comprehensive take on the subject. The book’s author, Mikito Takada, is a firm believer of efficient coding as a prerequisite for learning Node.js. According to him, a good developer should not only rely on open source library to Node.js learning, but learn coding first.

Smashing Node.js

Smashing Node

This is an amazing web-based resource that can readily equip anyone with the right knowledge to take advantage of Node.js. It details the various tools that are necessary for one to be able to create web applications with the use of this Javascript framework. Today, traditional and old web servers are almost nowhere to be seen. The modern ones that use Node.js have more optimum capacity and are essentials to successfully develop smashing applications.

Pro Node.js for Developers

 pro node js for developers

If you want an open source and free ebook that covers comprehensive lessons on Node.js, then this book is good for you. This free ebook tackles everything you may need to know regarding Node.js. It deals with the basic principles, uses and the successful setting up of the framework.

Tools and Resources


Nightwatch_js I Node_js powered End-to-End testing framework

This is a web-based resource that is focused on the complete solutions for testing Node.js on applications that are based on web browsers. This tool utilizes the Selenium WebDriver API and does commands on the DOM elements.


Node_app — Node_js for iOS

This is specifically designed for iOS. This tool allows the reuse of Node.js codes up to a maximum limit and calls for fast innovations. Nobody will mind if you are reusing codes anyway. Your clients cannot even point out and notice that the codes that you are utilizing are re-used and not native. Using this you get the same result as when you are utilizing a regular iOS code. The only difference is that you get faster and better results without going through the painstaking process. This tool is user-friendly and can guarantee good results with its well arranged and documented program.


coolaj86_formaline · GitHub

This is a wonderful tool that is specifically designed to handle various for requests. It also allows for the fast and convenient file uploads parsing. Its PoorForm extension is so easy to use and give wonderful results in a few seconds.


Pomelo Server Framework for Node Js

This is a framework for game servers that have been proven fast, reliable and scalable to node.js. Pomelo gives the primary development framework as well as a wide range of associated components, such as various tools and libraries. If you also need a framework that works best for real-time web application that performs way better than the rest of its kind, then Pomelo is your perfect fit. It is also very convenient to use and works just like a web-based framework does. It can also be extended at some length.

Jade – Node.js Template Engine

Jade - Template Engine

This is a critically engineered template engine to Node.js. It is a sleek combination of good syntax and a wonderful staying power.

Node Inspector

node-inspector_node-inspector · GitHub

There are not many good debugger interfaces out there that has been specifically designed to Node.js. The Node Inspector, however, is all that.


 Socket IO

If you want to create real-time web applications, the Socket.IO is the perfect tool for you. The applications that you can create with the use of this tool can be used in whatever web browser you prefer as well as in any mobile device.


Vows Asynchronous BDD for Node

One of the best Node.js development frameworks is Vows. This framework is behavior-driven and was created specifically to test various asynchronous codes. This particular framework carries out tests differently – parallel while it can be well understood and sequentially if there may be dependencies in them.

Node Express Boilerplate

 mape_node-express-boilerplate · GitHub

This provides the web developers and programmers with a neat line up wherein to start. It bundles various features in order to eliminate repetitive tasks that may affect projects negatively.

Node Supervisor

isaacs_node-supervisor · GitHub.

The Node Supervisor, as its name suggests, is a supervisor script that is specifically designed for the Node.js code. This tool can run your program as well as take note of the changes in your source codes. This way, you no longer need to worry about issues, such as memory leaks as well as you are guaranteed that you will be able to tidy up all of your references to inter modules


Stylus — expressive, robust, feature-rich CSS preprocessor

Stylus is one of the best framework tools designed to Node.js. This revolutionary, sleek, reliable CSS-based framework provides its users with dynamic and efficient ways on generating CSS.

Node Package Module

 Node Package Module

This is designed as the package manager to Node.js. This application is easy and convenient to setup and use to publish various node applications.

Node Red


This is an interesting new tool that is designed to piece together, connect through a wire devices or online services to come up with new and unique ideas. Node Red gives online code editors that allow for easy connection of various nodes. It is also very easy to create and build Javascript codes and functions with the use of embedded tools in this framework.

Node.js Knockout

Node_js Knockout

This is a 2 day hack fest to Node.js. This a web based competition, with worldwide contestants.
This is an online contest that features the various hackers from all parts of the globe. It gives every hacker worldwide an opportunity to show off their skills.

Node qrcode

 soldair_node-qrcode · GitHub

The Node qrcode is a server-side javascript codes generator specifically to Node.js.

90 Open-Source Node.js Modules

90 node_js modules good coders code, great reuse

This Node.js Open Source Modules is like an online community that features various modules that have been released by Browserling. These free modules can be used by anyone. They vary from tiny to large ones, but are pretty helpful for all of your Node.js needs.


Node.js platform on Chrome's JavaScript runtime

A certified webpage to Node.js where you can learn anything and everything about the framework.


docs nodejitsu

This is an online community that features various documentations on the use of Node.js.

Nettuts Node.js Tutorial

Learning Server-Side JavaScript with Node_js - Tuts+ Code Tutorial

This teaches programmers and developers everything that they need to learn regarding Node.js codes.

Node Tuts

Node Tuts - Node_js Video Tutorials

The Node Tuts is a web-based resource that features various tutorials regarding Node.js

How to Node

How To Node - NodeJS

This contains various tutorials on different tips and techniques with the use of Node.js.

Felix’s Node.js Guide

Felix's Node_js Guide

This is an amazing guide that will generously help any developers of Node.js out there.

Hands on Node.js

Hands-on Node_js handson sample pdf

This features various tutorials that allow anyone to Node.js learning quickly.

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