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Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020

Are you looking for the Best Baby Monitor out of hundreds of top models?. Then Don’t buy a Baby Monitor before reading the reviews and buying guide. Compare and Buy the best Baby Monitor that suit your needs.

It is essential to ensure baby safety that regrettably a majority of first time dads and moms overlook. Parents do provide infants with a number of care products and accessories such as baby-safe lotions, detergents, baby-safe clothes and as cozy crib. One essential accessory that should be bought for your infant is the video baby monitor. A video baby monitor that is nicely constructed with good features assists parents to monitor the infant remotely even from far locations and take action in case of emergencies. We present the best 10 models available to offer parents safety of their infant and relaxed mind in matters of baby safety.

Latest Best Baby Monitor

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Summer Infant In-View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020

Summer Infant presents the In-View Color Digital Baby Video Monitor. Summer Infant presents an indigenous Baby Monitor with digital color that enables parents to view the infant from remote distance as they also complete their daily chores. It consists of a high resolution camera connected to a light flat screen of 5 inches, both powered by battery. It is powered by 2.4 GHz frequency wireless technology and has an effective operating range of 600 feet. A LED system with sound activation relays the visual alarm. The camera transmits clean, real-time videos, enables digital zoom plus incorporates a superbly crafted night vision knowhow to even monitor baby in the middle of the night. The device installs immediately and is very durable.

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Levana Sophia Digital 2.4-Inch Video Baby Monitor

Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020

Levana presents the Sophia Digital 2.4-Inch Baby Video Monitor. This baby monitor is of professional-type and features a video baby monitor of 2.40 inches working digitally on a strong and secure clearVu wireless knowhow with operating range of a massive 500 feet. This monitor is voice-activated with a two way communication that enables parents to communicate with the infant. The battery is powerful and runs uninterruptedly for 48 hours. Even when parents are at a distance, they may use it to calm the infant on their way towards the nursery. It is robust in construction and lasts really long. It is scratch resistant. The LED system is invisible yet responsive and remains dark during the night and does not disturb the infant. It is quite reasonably priced.

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VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor

Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020

VTech presents the VM321-2 Safe & Sound Baby Video Monitor. It comes with original double cameras, baby-safe video monitor and installs easily. It features a number of parent-friendly features such as big-sized parent unit, 2.80 inches LCD screen with good resolution, great optics all of which can detect the mood the child – happy, sad, sleeping, etc. It features night vision that is responsive for monitoring infant in the middle of the night. Also, a dual way intercom with talk-back feature is incorporated to enable communication with the infant. Parents can even play preset lullabies for the infant. The cameras come with adjustable lens to optimize viewing angles. The sound indicator has adjustable six level settings.

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Snug Baby Monitor for Smart phones and Tablets

Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020

Snug presents the Baby Monitor for Smart phones and Tablets. This is an affordable device for parents already owning a tablet or a smart phone. The camera relays information via wireless WiFi to tablets and smartphones. This monitor is reliable and features sensitive audio and motion recognition alarms, and enables night vision. It enables photo taking also. This device installs easily. Users are recommended to purchase from a reputed store to avail the Snug Baby replacement warranty and support.

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Summer Infant Video Baby Monitor

Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020

Summer Infant presents Video Baby Monitor. This product has got good recommendations in the best 10 baby monitors for 2020. This baby monitor is functional, powerful yet compact and is quite reasonably priced. It features a camera that function great under varying conditions of light. This monitor supports pan, scan and zoom features and uses superb lens for night vision to assist monitoring infant during the night. It features a LCD monitor of size 2.50 inches that can be held by hand, is portable and clear. This baby monitor is powered by wireless 2.40 GHZ knowhow gives an operating workability of 600 feet, filters interferences appropriately and synchronizes data properly. It also features a robust belt clip, dual mode audio communication, depleted battery indicator and not in range signal. It comes with a manufacturing warranty of one year.

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Motorola MBP26 Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020

Motorola presents the MBP26 Wireless Video baby Monitor. It is powered by a wireless 2.40 GHz knowhow. The monitor and camera support the tilt camera function, pan function and enables night vision. This monitor works effectively over a 520 feet range. The parent unit is powered by rechargeable batteries that give it usability along night and day. One camera is provided as a standard accessory, users may totally connect up to 4 cameras without any hassles.

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Levana Ayden 3.5 Digital Video Baby Monitor

Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020

Levena presents the Ayden 3.5” Digital Baby Video Monitor. This baby monitor is professional-grade with a digital video of 3.50 inches that enables video, night vision checking and temperature via Wi-Fi. This monitor features a dual-mode intercom system to effectively communicate with the infant. It is sturdily built for long life. The camera enables zoom for closer, crisper views. Users can use a maximum of four cameras along with this monitor. It produces clear signal with an effective functioning range of up to 750 feet. It is simple to install and utilize.

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Infant Optics DXR-5 Digital Video Baby Monitor

Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020

Infant Optics presents the DXR-5 Digital Video Baby Monitor. Parents can keep an eye on the infant while encoding relayed data simultaneously. The DXR-5 baby monitor is perfect for home use. This system utilizes an FHSS (Automatic Frequency Hoping System) that is quite secure and randomizes data channels within the 2.40 GHz range. This is quite dissimilar to conventional baby monitors. It has an effective operating range of 800 feet and supports dual way communication.

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Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor

Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020

Levena presents the Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor. This digital baby video monitor works on a secure and private signal. Parents get night vision upto15 feet. It has a great operational range of 500 feet. It works on rechargeable batteries with 8 hours life per charge.

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Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020Top 10 Best Selling Baby Monitors 2020

Infant Optics presents the DXR-8 Video baby Monitor that comes first on our chart of the finest baby monitors for 2018 review. It is well accepted by parents globally. It looks great and features an interchangeable lens plus a big-sized color LCD screen of 3.50 inches. An antenna that retracts and gives great video and sound is featured. It supports zoom and pan functions and the battery last long up to 10 hours per charge. It is quite reasonably priced.

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Baby Monitor Buying Guide

Children are constantly attached to their parents and when they are infants/really small it can end up being a huge struggle when they need to separate them. But as technology goes forward, we end up having many solutions for this issue. The best one and the most successful one to date is the baby monitor. It allows the parents to see their babies on the screen of a monitor and practically “be with them” even if they are physically not there in the nursery.

It is really difficult to buy a proper baby monitor if you are not properly informed about the topic and that is exactly where I found my motivation to write this article. In the lines below I am going to provide some exact tips and hints on what to look for when buying your optimal baby monitor.

Types of Baby Monitors

There are 3 types of baby monitors available on the market – audio monitors, video monitors, and sensory (movement) monitors. That being said, you can also choose whether your monitor will be a digital one or an analog one and/or if you prefer your monitor to be connected wirelessly or via a classic wire. And of course, the brand of your choice is important as well. The most popular ones include Sony, Graco, Phillips, The First Years, Fisher, and Safety 1st.

Audio Baby Monitors: This is the type of monitors that is most commonly used and it is the most convenient solution as well because it is the least expensive type. The way the audio monitors function is that a sound signal is transmitted from a transmitter (placed in the baby’s room) to the receiver (placed in the parents’ room). After that, the parents can easily get information if the baby is crying or if it wakes up so they automatically know if they need to head over to their loved one’s room.

Video Baby Monitors: Video Baby Monitors are the next step in the “evolution” of baby monitors. This type doesn’t only allow you to hear your precious baby; you can see what it is doing as well. Instead of a classic transmitter, video monitors use a camera that can transmit both the video and the audio to the receiver that is placed in the parents’ room. You can choose between a color video monitor and a monochromatic one (the cheaper solution). The third variant is a night-vision type where you can monitor your child even when all the lights go down but this type is not as common as the previous two.

Baby Movement Monitors

Sensory monitors are also commonly referred to as movement monitors. This is the most advanced type of monitors and it is able to register all of the baby’s motions. It has a specific motion pad that is put under the mattress. In case the baby doesn’t breathe for at least 20 seconds, it has an integrated alarm that will then be triggered and it will transmit the signal to the receiver that is placed in the parents’ room. This type of monitors is commonly used for babies that are born too early and/or babies that may have some underlying medical conditions upon birth.

Signal Types

The signal type is another very important parameter to consider when buying a baby monitor. It will determine the overall quality of that signal as well as the reliability of its transfer. There are different solutions available and I will try to address them all in the following lines.

Analog or digital signal?

This is the first important question that needs to be answered because the choice that is made here is vital and both of these types give different results. While analog signals are transmitted directly without any preparation, digital signals use an encryption system before any information goes off. That way, nobody will be able to access those signals before they are (properly) transmitted to your receiver.

Basically, you choose between a cheaper and a more accessible solution (analog monitor) and a more expensive one but with an added layer of reliability and stability (digital monitor). Choose carefully.

Wired or wireless signals?

The next thing to consider is whether you want a wired or a wireless connection. It really depends on what you personally prefer. Wired monitors can’t be carried around and they are mostly “fixed” to a single spot while their wireless counterparts don’t have that issue and they can be easily moved around your home. The output is identical in both of these. Also, keep in mind that wireless monitors have a bigger price as well so a budget factor is something to consider too.

Wireless Network Monitors

Another type that is gaining more and more popularity is a wireless network monitor.As its name suggests already, it uses a wireless network as the source of its connection. You can view it as a more advanced version of the classic video monitor as it basically transmits the video signals to any PC and/or laptop that is connected to the network. But in order to watch the video, you need to have a proper password as the signal is encrypted. You can also get some specific models with additional features as well but these standard ones should be good enough for any parent who is far away from his/her baby.

Features to Look For in Baby Monitors

What ultimately breaks down and/or seals the deal when it comes to baby monitors is the list of features. This is also what makes the monitor worthy of purchase as well. Down below I will try to address the most important features that you need to take into consideration when purchasing your own baby monitor.

The batteries

The batteries are an essential part of every baby monitor set since they can’t function without them. While some batteries are known for providing a long uptime, others have a very short life so you need to consider both the type of the batteries that you need and a particular brand as well.

1. Batteries that can be recharged – In case a particular baby monitor supports rechargeable batteries, it will save up a lot of time that may take you to change them when they stop working. They usually come either with their own base unit or a wire that is plugged into the set itself. This will keep your battery life stable and ready to be recharged at any point.
2. Low Battery Indicator – It is essential that the baby monitor of your choice has an indicator that will show you how much battery life is already used -and if you need to recharge them/replace them. Without an indicator, the monitor may just suddenly stop working and you will have no idea. That is why an indicator is needed so that you can be alert that the battery time is running low and that you need to either recharge your batteries or replace them.

The volume control feature

Yet another very important feature to have. You should always be able to tweak the volume according to your own needs but also according to the current surrounding. If you are in a quiet room, there is no need for the volume to be high. Equally, if there is too much noise around, you may want to make the volume higher so that you can hear your precious one properly. That is why the volume control is a “must have” in this case.

In some occasions, it can also be practical to get a “light and sound” integration. That way, the level of brightness will be directly affected by the strength of the volume in your baby’s room and you will be able to know when your child wakes up even if you are not able to hear any sound whatsoever.

Flexible frequencies

It is very often for other devices to interfere and get in the way of your baby monitor. This issue is caused when two (or more) devices share and work on the same frequency. This is why you should try to get a model that allows you to tweak and modify its frequency so that this kind of problem is eliminated at the very start.

Two-Way Communication

Two-directional communication is very practical and can be extremely handy because it allows you to speak into the microphone that is integrated into the monitor and your baby will be able to hear you. Sometimes, your voice is all that it takes to put her back to sleep safely and comfortably. The huge advantage of this feature is the fact that there is no need for you to be physically present next to your baby if a minor issue occurs.

Handheld feature

If you are not content with a huge monitor that is fixated onto a single spot, you should certainly consider getting a baby monitor that is handheld and movable at any time. Just be aware and make sure that the screen is big enough (as they are much smaller by default) and that the product you are interested in is quality one.

Another thing to consider in this regard is getting some additional receivers. This way the signal will be better, you will be able to place these receivers in multiple different locations (and thus monitor your baby from different angles and locations), and you will have a plan B ready in case the batteries die unexpectedly.


Baby monitors are extremely practical because you will be able to observe your baby in the nursery room and you will no longer need to be there at all times in order to take care of your loved one. There are different types and different models available on the market, each catering to a different set of needs so getting the right solution can often be very tricky. We certainly hope that you found all the info that you needed in this article and that you now have an idea of what to look for. Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave your feedback and share the article to your friends (or family members).

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