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Top 10 Free GitHub Alternatives for Private Repositories

Github though is huge resource for most of the developers; it is restricted and not always possible to be use without any hurdle as there might be issue with the client and employers to host the code from their private servers. However you may have a few side projects that may not pay for those private repositories. And that why there few alternatives that can be used instead of Github. Some alternatives may be personally posted and some may not be. Here are 7 alternatives of Github.


GitLab Open Source Git Management Software

This is open source software to collaborate on code. It keeps on updating its software and look like best alternative to Github. If you’re looking for self hosting then Gitlab is the best alternative of Github.



Gitorious can be a quite satisfying if you’re looking for codes that are self hosted at your servers. This tool is powerful alternative, but it has problem with installing and can be quite challenging. Though it is lacking certain feature but will definitely be upgraded with the new version which will be out in few months.



This is a web based project management system. It supports your team throughout the complete project life cycle, from setting up and discussing a project plan, over tracking issues and reporting work progress to collaboratively sharing knowledge. Application is written using Ruby on Rails


Apache Allura Free software downloads


This is open-source software for managing source code repositories, bug reports, discussions, wiki pages, blogs etc, but lacks in providing code review. It host projects on platform developed by python.


Free source code hosting for Git and Mercurial by Bitbucket

Bitbucket can be used for small team who has less than 5 users.Even though it doesn’t allow self hosting, it can attract clients who have small team.


Kiln - Version Control and Code Review Software from Fog Creek Software

This can be tried for free yet unfortunately it doesn’t allow team to have free account. It offers Mercurial from hosted solution.


 Unlimited private Git hosting Codeplane

Code plane tool is just like Github’s small duplicate version. It is unavailable for free but is affordable by private repositories to Unlimited people at a cheap price of $9/a month.

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