Top 35+ Free Services To Monitor Website Up and Downtime

If you are someone who is serious about your website and planning to make some money off it, then I assume that you already know that your website should be up 24/7, 365 days. People just don’t like websites that are down from time to time, because they don’t get access to what they want; and when people don’t get what they want, they start hating it and stop following it. And then, in the end you will lose some money and in worst cases, you will lose your hard earned followers. But, as we all know, there is always a solution to every problem and the solution to this problem is, Web Monitoring tools. These services will monitor your website (obviously for a fee), and notify you of any errors or if the website is down.

Site UpTime

 SiteUptime - Website Monitoring Service

This is another service that monitors websites and will notify you once your website is unavailable. It goes one step ahead and notifies their users by SMS, and also the traditional emailing way. It checks the availability of your website every 30mins.

Internet Seer

 Internetseer - Website Monitoring and Web Server Monitoring Service

Internet Seer checks the websites every 5mins and that’s not all. It also checks every different aspect of the website that is related to the uptime of your website, such as, image and link, performance, transactions, etc.

Site 24×7

Website Monitoring, Website Monitoring Service, Server Monitoring_ Site24x7

Another web monitoring service that focuses on an easy to-use interface. It checks the uptime of websites with 60 minutes intervals.

Hyper Spin

Hyperspin Website Monitoring, Web Server Monitoring Service
Hyper Spin monitors servers and websites, and checks the availability of them in hourly intervals. Nice name though.


 HostTracker monitoring service

With this service, you can carry an instant check. It also does monitor your websites every 30mins. Same service though.

Dotcom Monitor

Web, Network, Server and Application Performance Monitoring I Dotcom-Monitor

Dotcom Monitor provides much more services, like monitoring the uptime of your web applications, business transactions, monitoring of network device and also the stress load on your website. Dotcom Monitor also gives you the ability to allow more users to monitor your website (best for people who have virtual assistants).

Site Probe

 SiteProbe - Website Uptime Monitor, Hourly Status Check

Another great web monitoring service that helps to check the uptime of websites every hour. Site Probe does never lag and does not go on a holiday, so you can rest assure that your website is monitors throughout the year.

 Website Monitor Service - Easy and Free 24_7 Site Monitoring Service

They offer no premium services, which is best for people like me. Go ahead and register to get your website monitored, while you write your next viral blog post or maybe something else.




 Website monitoring, server monitoring, monitor uptime by Uptrends

They check the uptime of all websites every 30mins. Everything else is the same; the only thing that makes them better than everyone else is their clients. HP, FujiFilm, etc. pay them for their analytics service, and because of that, they are also famous for their web monitoring services.

Service Uptime

 Service Uptime - Free Website Monitoring Service

Being more focused towards people who are looking to make money from their websites, they offer premium services for that. They believe that if a website is down even for a second, the owner loses money.

Internet Vista

 internetVista monitoring - website and internet services uptime monitoring

Another great website that offers premium services for monitoring your website. They only reason they are unique is because they notify you even when your website tends to malfunction. Many people think that it is not a big deal, but if your data is lost in this malfunctioning, it is a big deal.


 Remote server monitoring - check your dedicated or virtual server uptime - servermojo
Another awesome company that provides everything that you need to monitor on your website. From checking your servers, to dns and mysql, they check everything. And they do that every 15mins. This takes out all of the worry, because it does everything to make sure that our website is functioning smoothly. Read More


 UpPanel _ Website Monitoring
Another web monitoring service to check the uptime of your website every 30mins. It notifies you through email if your website is down.


Web server & web site monitoring services by WebSitePulse
Having everything web-based; they monitor your website every 60mins. And one thing that is most useful is that, they notify all the contacts that you have registered to monitor that site.


 free web site uptime monitor service - server and network failure alerts

BasicState checks the uptime of your website every 15mins, and if they find anything unusual, they notify you about it through email. If you are someone who believes that internet services are accessing your personal information by monitoring your website’s uptime, you can use these soft wares to keep an eye on your website.


 Zabbix __ An Enterprise-Class Open Source Distributed Monitoring Solution

Being an open source web monitoring solution, Zabbix is used on a large scale by enterprises and other small and medium sized businesses. But you are not left in the desert; you too can use it even if you have just one website.

Website Monitoring

 Website Monitor Program Free I Monitor Your Website Uptime

Sitting in system tray, this application will notify you with a notification icon and email, if it fails to reach your website. This application acts as a native one, even though its not.

 FREE Website Monitoring & Monitoring Software from Monitor_Us

They are one of the most famous website monitoring services on the internet. Probably because of their domain name. They offer premium services, and also offer different services like Tracking Visitors and Internal Monitoring.


  1. What about one more tool? Anturis is a cloud-based all in one monitoring tool that is easy to use and rather cheap for clients. I find it even better than Pingdom. You can even monitor a printer with the help of Anturis.

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