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Top 5 Anti-Phishing Firefox Add-Ons/Extensions

Phishing for sometime has gained prominence with increasing number of hackers exploiting this technique for their own interests. Therefore, an anti-phishing tool that is efficient is essential. Mozilla Firefox offers you various good add-ons, which are intended to curb and keep you safe from these phishing attacks when browsing the internet.




Anti-Phishing Firefox Add-Ons


Protection against threats and hackers: the add-on is distinct from your firewall and antivirus because it automatically safeguards you against threats within some websites when browsing the internet.


This is the ideal hyperlink multitool. Interclue supports appearance of small icons as your courser moves over links to alert you of dead links, phishing or Malware sites etc. However, for valid links, Interclue offers packed link preview together with optional additional information as well as buttons for next action.

Bitdefender TrafficLight

This tool is taking security concept when browsing to its right place: the browser. The extension inserts a robust security layer on your browsing without compromising on speed or consumption of system recourses. Some processing tasks occur in cloud through small intelligent engines that conduct various checks in pages you visit allowing you to possess high quality antimalware and anti-phishing protection.


LinkExtend offers meta-site rating regarding computer safety, popularity, company ethics and child safety. The safety results are gathered from 8 online services providing you safer browsing. Moreover, site links, files, title as well as reviews are included.

Trust My Web

This add-on assists you in having a secure internet browsing mind-set by evaluating status within your Mozilla status bar. Without affecting your own internet browsing, only check whether the bullet within the status bar shows green and continue.

Netcraft Toolbar

This extension tool enables easy lookup of data relating to websites you often visit and offers you protection against Phishing.

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